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Every day sudden and tragic events happen that changes people’s lives. We experience many emotions and struggle to carry on living. I can sincerely say, “I do not know how you feel or have any solutions, but have compassion for you. Every person tries and finds a way of coping with life’s problems. Even if it is to hold on or get through another day. What do I do next?”My hope is that you’re seeking God; start with what you know.. God promises,” If you seek him, he will be found by you!

Most people have heard something from the bible used in today’s world. For example, “Eye for eye, tooth for a tooth.” Do not judge, Scapegoat or sacrificial lamb, Anti-Christ, Sabbath, etc… I encourage you to read, “My Spiritual Journey” page and see. As I learned the truth about material things, my mind started opening to spiritual teaching. I have made 100 thirty-minute video bible lessons. I am going to re-cut into small videos. Maybe something will be a “Lightbulb or Eureka moment. Mine started after understanding the more in-depth story behind,” Going the Extra Mile. You will hear a digital voice added in the introduction[video. My voice is no longer understandable due to A.L.S./Lou Gehrig’s Disease. However, I can use eye-gaze technology to use a computer.p style=”text-align: center;”>The Extra Mile  Click Here for a 2-minute video in the sidebar.

These Google searches show that you are not alone! The top keyword’s searching for Information about God are: Who is God? What is the bible? Why does God allow pain and suffering? Where is  God now? When did God die? How can we know God exists? These big questions are e hard to answer.  The website Got Questions.org has answered since 2002. Currently, are currently averaging 125 questions per day.

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