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English – How to be born again!

How to know God and Be Born Again!

.How to know God and Be Born Again! 

DISCOVER God’s grace and mercy and receive his free invitation of salvation. This channel will keep adding the basic message in as many languages as possible. The purpose of this Podcast is to provide spiritual comfort as you or your family are going through challenging times. My hope is that you can discover the truth about Jesus Christ through His Word (The Bible). Please explore the resources on this site

https://seekgodfindnewlife.com/global/. I will provide links, P.D.F. eBooks, and sermons in your language. These will help with your spiritual walk with God. Please share a LIKE OR SUBSCRIBE on your language episode. When we do not understand why something is happening, these three things are true: 1-God Loves You, 2-God is in Control, 3-He has a plan & purpose for your life.